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Podiatry looks at maintaining and improving the health of lower limbs through diagnosing and treating conditions of the legs, ankles and feet.

Podiatry consultations may include nail and skin care, nail surgery, exercise prescriptions, footwear advice, orthotic prescriptions, and/or biomechanical assessments etc.

Goals of consultations:

- Enhance patients quality of life

- Prevent deterioration

- Provide care and support

- Maintain current health

- Provide information to empower patient


When to see a Podiatrist?

- Sports Injuries such as Acute and overuse injuries and rehabilitation

- To improve sports performance such as biomechanics using video analysis

- Chronic conditions such as diabetic foot care, arthritis, back, hip and knee pain

- General nail care (toenails cutting, dry and cracked skin etc.)

- Ingrown toenails

- Thicken toenails

- Corns and Callus

- Warts

- Fungal nail and skin infections

- Heel/foot pain and plantar fasciitis

- Ankle/Achilles, shin/leg pain

- Footwear assessment/advice

- Paediatric foot care

- Geriatric foot care

- Wounds

Diabetic Foot Care


Poorly controlled blood sugar level can have the following effects in your feet:

  • Hardening of the arteries: decreased arterial blood flow.

  • Decreased arterial blood flow: poor skin and nail integrity, slow wound healing, higher risk of ulcerations, higher risk of toe or foot amputations.

  • Damages to the nerves:  decrease or loss of protective skin sensation, higher risk of ulcerations, decreased or loss of proprioception and balance, nerve symptoms (numbness, burning sensation, poorly described sensation/ discomfort or pain etc.).

  • Increased risk of infection with skin cuts or abrasion.

  • Increased risk of lower limb amputation.


The podiatrist at Living Life Sports Medicine provides diabetic foot assessments and education bi-annually for client's with diabetes:

  • Arterial flow assessment with a doppler ultrasound machine.

  • Nerve assessment for protective skin sensation with a 10g Monofilament.

  • Nerve assessment for proprioception with a graduated tuning fork.

  • General foot care: nails, skin etc. 

  • General foot health assessments. 

  • Education on the proper nail cutting techniques. 

  • Footwear assessment and advices.

  • Wound and ulcer managements. 

  • Daily foot care advices. 

The podiatrist at Living Life Sports Medicine will also work very closely with your GP to maintain your pedal health. 

Paediatric Foot Care

The podiatrists at Living Life Sports Medicine work with parents and other health care professionals in managing paediatric foot conditions such as:

  • Flat feet

  • In toeing

  • Foot and leg pain

  • Limping

  • Growing pain

  • Toe walking

  • Warts

  • In-grown toe nails

We currently provide Podiatry services at South Morang (2/1 The promenade) Mon-Fri, Epping (62A Manor House Drive) on Fridays and Doreen (2 Hammock Drive) on Thursdays
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